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Christmas event?

Any suggestions for a Christmas/holiday event?
Warnings are sent out, and due to not responding to the moderator pokings, we have two purges.

Please defriend


Other than that...

Suggestions for a Christmas event would be appreciated.

Halloween Event

From now until the end of the month, all dorms will be "haunted" - eerie howling, chains rattling - you know, the usual ghost like noises. They may or may not be explained later. Feel free to create stories to scare the other residents and such.

For those off-campus - You characters can say they've expierenced these phenonoma in other buildings on campus.

October Update

Due to Mizu being way too busy the last two weeks, there will be a free pass on September (lucky for some people).

So...Behave yourselves this month and post! Hopefully, with some new characters around, we might have some interesting things happen. And maybe, maybe~, we'll see about an event for Halloween. Suggestions are welcome for this purpose, after all, we want something that everyone can particpate in.

Aug. 24th, 2012

Just a reminder - the genderbend ends as of tomorrow (Aug. 25th.).
Looks like the event will be in-game canon.

Someone asked me what goes durning something like this event. Basically, it's mostly like an AU - as in this one, your characters will be genderswapped (if you want them too, of course.)

Just that anything that happens during this event will be counted as actually happening to your characters in game. Just log, post, play your characters as usual, but with whatever you'd like to do with them as the opposite sex.

August Update!`

Yay, I'm only a day late with the update!

The number of warnings is drizzing down, which is good to see.

And! We have an EVENT!

From August 5 - 26. Genderswapping due to yet another Inui juice accident (thanks for taking the blame, Aki!) Though, please let us know in the comments if we should have this be an in-game canon event or an AU. As always, you are not obligated to participate - your muses may go about their normal life without being involved.

Have fun!


Short note

Mizu here. Due to being busy the next couple of days, warnings and such probably won't be sent out until Thursday or Friday (you can consider this your fair warning if you've failed to get your two posts in.)

Though on a good news note, we'll be having a 2-3 week event! More details in the monthly update when I get the chance to write it.

July Stuff

Warnings have been sent out. (Not too many, thankfully)

Unfortuately, we have some journals to purge. Please remove the following journals from your character(s) friends list.


Well, back to having fun.

May Update

Warnings have been sent out.

You may want to re-read the rules, as they have changed a little, but there are no big changes. It was mostly clarifying some things so that hopefully there is no more confusion about some of the things that were not stated very clearly in the first place.

So, let's keep up what we're doing and keep having fun.